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Change anchor point for transformation tool panel

When I want to transform something using the dimensioning unit boxes, I don’t always want to do it from the left corner.
9/10 I want to do it from the middle.

For example a centred logo if you want to make it bigger and you work precisely, you use the dimension box to increase its size and the logo is no longer centred because the anchor point is always top left.

In adobe’s (and many other program’s) transform box you have a little dialog box that allows you to change the anchor point. Saves so much time.

Also for example for bottom aligning things precisely.

Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 8.41.56 pm

If you hold down Option when you drag an object from its corners on a Mac, the anchor point will be in the middle. Same shortcut works in Adobe products.

Hi Brighta, thanks for your response.

Read the post carefully and you will notice that I am not trying to scale an object with the mouse, I am trying to type in details into the transform dialog box. If you use the dimensions to change the size of anything the Anchor point is always top left.

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