Change a member's email address

Hi all

I was having the same issue like the user described here > Changing a user's email address

One contributor which has editor rights was married recently and changed her name. Now I have to change her email address as the address was changed too (for obvious reasons).

As far I can see I can’t change an editor’s email address, correct?
If yes, is there another strategy to achieve this? Sth like invite her with an new email address and link this to the work she done with the old address?

Thank you.

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New email doesn’t mean new Figma account, so for you nothing changes except you see her in Figma under a different name.

Thank you, unfortunately I don’t understand what you mean.
She has an email / pw combination which she uses to login and is associated with the account. Once her old email address will be suspended by the IT dep. she won’t be able to receive any emails on this address anymore.

In this case she probably needs to change the email in the settings following the instructions you linked. You can’t do that for her.

She initially said that it wasn’t possible. Glad it worked out. We can close the thread.

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