Center vs Stretch, when to use what?

I have always pondered the question, when do we use center and stretch when creating our grid-style layout? Suppose I wanted to design my portfolio, do I use center or stretch? or it does not matter?

Hi Bright, Thanks for asking about the layout grid type!

When you set that to Stretch, Figma automatically sets the width value to “auto.” This means that the column width will dynamically grow or shrink as you resize the frame.
On the other hand, if you choose Center, you have the flexibility to manually adjust the width value. This can be beneficial when designing for wide displays, where not all the horizontal space may be used.

Please check out these resources! These might help you decide on the most suitable grid for your portfolio design:

Hope this information proves helpful! If anyone else has additional ideas, feel free to share them here!


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Thanks. I will check them out

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