Canvas level layout tools

  1. When creating large UX user flows, it would be nice to have a canvas level layout tool to keep the entire flow spaced cleanly and evenly. guides/rulers don’t lock and become a pain to deploy on a larger multi screen flow. Surrounding all the screens with another frame to use the layout tools voids the ability to prototype the same flow (or parts of the flow you are trying to layout). Even trying to add a frame to use layout tools and then remove is difficult because it then tries to remove all the frames inside it when you delete it or change the size.

  2. Looking for any kind of feature or tool that would help. Any UML style flow/markup doc would benefit from a layout tool to keep larger more involved flows lookin clean/crisp, and organized. Not finding any plugins that match this use case. Or a way to exclude interactions or use of a frame inside of a prototype. Or maybe a way to declare a frame a container/as a layout tool but not encompass the other frames that are within it’s bounds.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc. Am I missing something?

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