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Can't seem to play video - anima plugin etc., no plugin menu either

Hi, my goals is to add a youtube video onto a page in Figma so that when I demo to my audience, I can actually play the video in place on the page.

I can’t find a way to do it without a plugin, so I added Anima plugin. I then placed video by adding the Youtube URL into the plug for Anima. It’s defined, but never plays.

If I click “Preview in Browser” the video plays oversize, but it’s not in place on the page, it just opens a separate window to play the video. I want to demo the site, see the video embed and click it to show my audience that it plays there.

What am I missing?

Also, some Anima directions say goto “plugins” menu but there isn’t one. I have Layers and Assets and that’s it.

What am I missing? Where is Plugins?

Can Anima coexist with PitchDeck? Maybe that’s the problem, I tried installing both. My goal is really just to be able to play a video during the prototype demo.


Figma doesn’t support this functionality, plugins can’t add this. Anima and PitchDeck allow you to add videos to finished products you get from them (webpage in anima, presentation in pitchdeck). They can’t add it to Figma.

Plugins menu can be found here: