Can't see the change to option when creating an interaction

I’ve seen someone has asked this previously but cannot find an actual response that helps. I am trying to create an interactive component but the “Change to” option does not allow me to click it? I have signed up to a new professional account (was on the free account) but this still does not help.
Any hints or tips on how to make it an option?

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 7.35.37 pm

Hello @Laura_Callanan ,

Hint: The “Change to” interaction only applies to component variants, make sure that you have your variants set up first

More info here: variants

I hope that solves your issue :slight_smile:


Thanks Jan, I feel so silly. That was it, I hadn’t set them up as separate variants. I found this super useful.
Thanks for taking the time to comment :grin: :grin:

Great that it worked out for you. You are not the only one that is confused by this, my self included, so don’t feel silly :slight_smile: :+1: