Can't scroll during smart animation

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I’m designing a website. The landing page features a big slideshow, which I made by duplicating the landing page frame, moving the images, and adding delay interactions that navigate from one frame to the other, and it turned out great! However, in the presentation view, I’m unable to scroll through the landing page. When I scroll it initially does nothing until the transition is finished, then it instantly moves to where I’ve scrolled and freezes there until the transition is over and so on. I don’t know if I’m describing it clearly, but is there a workaround this?

Thank you

You can create a slideshow by making it an interactive component.

  1. Create your slides
  2. Select all your slides and make them into a component set (in the create component dropdown)
  3. Switch to prototyping mode and connect them
  4. Instead of ‘On click’, change it to ‘After delay’
  5. (Optional) change the animation

That’s the basics of it. If you want it to animate in a certain way you might have to do a bit more work but the workflow would be similar to prototyping it the same way you’ve done already.

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