Can't pinch to zoom on Monterey OS (Figma desktop app)

Hi there,
only saw closed topics on this, but this is still very much an issue - after updating to OS Monterey I sometimes can’t pinch to zoom on my MacBook Pro trackpad on my desktop Figma app.

Using the trackpad is my main way of working, this is a pretty big impairment for my workflow.

I am running the latest Figma app and latest Monterey OS.

Every now and then, the pinch to zoom simply stops working. Restarting Figma doesn’t help. Then after a while it starts to work again on its own. I can’t figure out if there’s some pattern as to when it stops working.

Figma friends are you experiencing something similar? Has anyone found a way to fix this?


Hi Marija,
There is a post about this issue here.
Unfortunately this is a common issue that Mac users are experiencing with Figma. Until this problem is resolved, what works for me is to disable/enable Pinch to Zoom in the System Preferences, so I keep this tab open just in case the issue occurs.
Hope this helps!


Having the same issue. I’m on an iPad Pro using Figma in Figurative. When I pinch to zoom it scrolls instead of zooms. Pans diagonally to the top left when I pinch to zoom in or out.

Facing the same issues multiple times a day is super irriating when you’re between a major task.


This was a lifesaver, thanks so much! Disabling and re-enabling System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom > “Zoom in and out” did the trick!


Thanks disabling and enabling zoom settings solved the issue

Still encountering this issue, but that you for flagging the disable/enable fix for the time being!