Can't login on Android 12 through my work environment?

Heya, I’ve been trying to login on my Android 12 - One plus Nord 2 without success.

One plus has this build-in function where it detects google work emails and separates it to another environment (cf. attachment). It means I have to download the app through my work play store if I want it to connect to the right google account. When I try to login into the Figma app, directly on the onboarding screen you can read: " Oops! Something went wrong. Make sure you have the latest mobile…" (error message is not showing fully)

I can login into the Figma app on my personal google account without any problem. I’ve also made sure to update my phone’s system (now Android 12).

In the meantime I’ll use my personal Figma account to preview my work. I hope you can find a better solution to my problem though.

Have a good one!

I couldn’t add a second image in my previous post, so here is the error message on the onboarding screen of the Figma app:

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