Can't get rid of ghost/old variables

Hello! I’m having serious issues with not being able to get rid of old/ghost variables (variable modes that have been deleted). Figma has been extremely silent about this but it seems to be a massive issue.

We have tried everything previously suggested on forums but these variables modes that are now deleted will not disappear.

Please can someone provide some clarity or help with this?! Driving me mad!

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Hey @Issy_Raine! We‌ reported this as an issue with our engineering team a short while back.

We asked for an update, and they’re working to get a fix/update out that applies to this issue. I don’t have an exact date at the moment, but can confidently say this is being addressed internally (and actively).

Sorry I don’t have an alternative solution or workaround at the moment, but I wanted to make sure you were acknowledged with an update.

Any progress here @ksn ? I am also having troubles with this.
How would I be able to identify where the ghost variable is applied?
Leads to sleepless night already :sweat_smile:

I have the same problem!

I worked many hours on my file to get something clean and now, just by copying a few components from an old one, my world has collapsed lol. Thanks to the dev team for the future update, right now I’m in extreme frustration mode.

If there was just the possibility, with an “-” icon, to delete the ghost variables and have them recover their initial property, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance :wink:

We had a call with a Figma engineer. There is no way to get rid of the ghost variables other than getting Figma support to manually remove them for you apparently?! They also admitted that there’s a lot of bugs. IDK about you guys but we’re really struggling with modes and variables…

Hey all! I know there’s an update that should address this, but I don’t know when exactly it’s going to roll out. If I get an update from engineering, I’ll add it here.

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Ok! Thx @ksn

@ksn Any word on an update for this fix?