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Can't get back to the Viewer role

I was managing the team here and some people I would like to go back to the Viewer role, since I don’t need them as editors anymore. The thing is there is only a Viewer Restricted option.
Name | Team Permission | Design Role
Person 1 | Viewer | Viewer
Person 2 | Can edit | Editor
Person 3 | Can View 1 File | Viewer - restricted (Can’t change this one to Viewer)

Is this restricted to a file or to prototype only? Am I doing something wrong?


Hey @mangojambo Viewer-Restricted just means that the user can’t gain edit access on any files within the Org unless updated by an admin. This will remove them from the Org billing.

If you want them to still have edit access on some files and not others you’ll have to downgrade them to a viewer on each file. This would keep them as an editor on any files where they do have edit access and thus still be billed to the Org.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Thank you for your reply, Josh.