Can't find a file!

How do I see ALL my files? Some are hidden from me. Playing around with the sort, I stumbled upon the old file I was looking for, but then could get to it again the next day. I clicked into Deleted; nothing. I clicked into Drafts; nothing. I clicked into Recents; nothing. “Show as List; nothing. How can I search for a particular file? How do I get to ALL my files?
Thanks :cat2:

If you know the file name, you can search for it using the search field in the top panel (dark one).

Don’t want to have to relay on my memory for
recalling a name of a long-forgotten Figma file.
Don’t care about just seeing the “Recents.”
Don’t have any files in any Team Projects.
How do I see every file I ever created all at once?

There is no option for this.

Let’s approach this differently.
Attached is a screenshot of a file I created
using my one and only Figma account
back on what appears to January 4th.

“1.1__Product Analysis”

This is one of several Figma-made files that seemed to have slipped into digital oblivion, which I now need to make edits on and republish by Wednesday.

So…how do we unlock the door to digital oblivion?

If the file title doesn’t match (“product analyses”), you can try searching for text it contains, e.g. “user experience evolution” or “stick”.

Ah, bingo. Search-boxed it, and there it was. Whole time I was hunting for the spot where EVERYthing-everything is kept.

Okay, now how do I find long-forgotten-about Figma files, files I don’t even know I have, therefore not having known keywords to search for?
Where is my vault of EVERYthing-everything?
There can’t not be a master folder.

Thanks Gleb

I already said that there is no such place. All files that are in Drafts folder can be found in it, all files in team projects can be found in them accordingly.

I don’t understand, it should be in draft or team projet, normally it doesn’t disappear. But with search it may happen you can’t find it, I find it weird sometimes you must type 4 letters then delete the 4th then it appears if I remember well the trick :slight_smile: