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Can't edit plugin page after Figma update

After this week’s update to Figma (v96.4) I no longer see an “Edit this page” link for my published plugins. Has this feature been removed?

Are you sure you switched to the correct account? I can see this option for my plugins.

I think so. Here’s the path I took:

  1. Set the left panel to my company’s Figma organization
  2. Clicked my avatar on the right side of the toolbar and clicked Plugins
  3. Scrolled down to the Published section and clicked my plugin

No “edit this page” link on the plugin page

It’s a private plugin published within my company’s Figma org. Would that make a difference? (hasn’t before)

I don’t have a way to check if it works for internal Org plugins, so it could definitely be some kind of a bug. If it persists after relaunching Figma, I’d recommend you to reach out to Figma support team via the support request form.