Can't click on text layer to edit

Hello - please see video attached. I’m trying to click on the number ‘1’ to edit it (I’m making a calendar), but I can’t access, delete or overwrite the number 1 that has been copied. I’m following a guidance video and cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve managed to do two by accident!

Thanks in advance, Jess

ps - oh, just seen new users can’t upload a video (particularly unhelpful). Can anyone have a bash at answering without the video? Thanks.

pps - see two other threads on this but no resolution, one request for a video but I expect the poster couldn’t upload one.

You can bypass links not posting by breaking the link. For example by putting a space after each dot:

www. some-url. com /whatever

Where did you copy the ‘1’ from?

Maybe the number is an icon or a vector shape, in which case it won’t be editable as text. I’ve accidentally converted text to vector many times by clicking Flatten in the context menu or pressing the keyboard shortcut, making my text uneditable. You may have done the same at some point. Just create a new text layer in that case.