Can't clear text in a Property

I have an input component where I want several text elements – placeholder text, value, help text, error text – to be optional. I want these to be blank in the component, as they’re only used sometimes. But if I delete all the text from a text element in my component, Figma just deletes it. Am I missing something?

I have two workarounds right now, both of which I don’t love:

  1. Create a Layer property to toggle the visibility of the text element and then a separate property for the text itself. That adds up to a lot of extra clicks for the designers.
  2. Put a single space in the text field. Ew.

I’m hoping this is something simple that I’ve just overlooked! Thanks to anyone who can help.

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I too would like this feature.
To align with engineer component properties if there isn’t any text (string) parsed then it doesn’t render something.
Something like “null” or better still having the ability to not needing to type anything into a text property would mean that we wouldn’t need unnecessary booleans to show and hide elements in figma.

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