Can't change to hand tool with shortcut "Space" after holding "Ctrl+Space" or "Ctrl+Alt+Space"

I’m used to press “Ctrl+Space” to zoom in and “Ctrl+Alt+Space” to zoom out of the view, and then it was handy to pan the view without releasing “Space”. However, it can’t work these days, and it will turn back into the move cursor if I continually holding the “Space” key after zoom in or out.

The situation looks similar to this topic (“Ctrl+Scrollwheel” Zoom into “Space” Pan Transition), but we zoom the view in different way.

Does anyone else experience this?

Having the same issue at the moment. I have to repress the Space key or else I’ll end up displacing frames or elements. This has been a very jarring change and feels counterintuitive to how we used to work.

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I don’t fully understand the issue but maybe selecting the hand tool manually (or by pressing H) would help? It stays selected even after zooming.


Can’t get used to it. No one has found a solution yet?

Same issue here, and it annoys me so much. Hand tool hotkey (H) is not as usable as the spacebar is. Moreover, even if I use a hand tool, I must press space+ctrl for zoom. Thus, I should press one more key (H), to do the same thing, I could do earlier without it.

No :cry:
I am now trying to get used to zoom and pan with mouse wheel, but I still think it’s not as convenience as using spacebar.

You’re not wrong, but the issue here is different.

Pressing the Space key has been the default shortcut for hand tool while you’ve selected the Move tool. This has been the standard since forever. Additionally, we use Ctrl+Space/Ctrl+Alt+Space to zoom in/zoom out while we still have the Move tool selected. These shortcuts make it extremely easy to navigate large projects where you have at least 50-60 screens and components. So often times, we would zoom in on a screen with Ctrl+Space and let go of those keys to be defaulted to the Move tool, without having to manually hit the V key. Once you’re done editing, we would then Ctrl+Alt+Space to zoom out, let go of Ctrl and Alt, but leave the Space key pressed to now activate the Hand tool, quickly move to the other edge of your file, zoom in and continue working. That was the process we followed for years, and that’s also the standard on Adobe tools, which I assume most of us have a background on.

But in the last week or so, the Space key no longer activates after you’ve zoomed in/out. You can see it in action if you first press the Space key and hold (activates Hand tool), then press Ctrl key, zoom in once, then let go of Ctrl but keep holding Space, and now the cursor defaults to Move tool instead of Hand tool. Additionally, if you’re still holding Space after that, you can’t zoom in or out again if you press Ctrl and Alt.

This whole process is jarring and now requires us to remap how we used been used to working. I hope this helps you and the developers understand why this is an issue.

Does this happen on Windows only or on MacOS too? (Since you use Ctrl I assume you are on Windows.) For me Cmd + Space changes the language so I can only use it as Space + Cmd (first press Space, then Cmd, not vice versa). And for me it doesn’t get stuck on Zoom/Move after I release Cmd while keeping Space pressed.

I’m using Windows, and as you said, first pressing Ctrl then Space will not change to zoom in tool. It works in reverse order, but I stuck in default cursor if I let go any of the keys while keep pressing another. I have to release all of them and press again so as to activate the shortcut.

Ok I just tested on Mac and can reproduce the same behavior. This definitely seems like a bug and you all should report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. This forum is not for bug reports, Figma team doesn’t actively monitor it.

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