Can't browse files in my Team

Hello folks. I’ve just been looking at the latest iOS app beta. The ‘Recent’ page correctly shows me all the recent files I’ve been working on. But if I select my team (in the sidebar on iPad, or in the Search page on iPhone), then only one of my projects is visible. The rest are not visible.

The project that is visible is the only project that’s available to all members of my team by default. All the others are invite only. It seems like these permissions are being applied to me too. But I’m the owner of the team, and should be able to see everything, as I can on desktop/web.

Is this expected at the moment? Or have I got a weird thing going on?

Having the same problem. I’m the owner of the Professional Team. There are public and private projects, but none show up under search. Even the Drafts tab is disabled.