Can't add interactions to parts of donut chart

I want to add interactions to each portion of the chart, so that when I click on one it’ll transition to the next part of the chart. Every time I include the interaction to one part, the preview shows that the interaction is for the entire chart, so as long as you click on the screen you’ll be directed to the next part of the chart. I’m not sure how to make it so that you only click on one part at a time.

Hi @bg001, Thank you for getting in touch about adding interaction. I appreciate you sharing the screenshot!

It looks like the frame of the chart part is covering the donut chart completely. Did you set the interaction hotspot (the starting point of interaction) on that frame?

If so, the issue might be that the frames of each part are covering the entire donut chart. One thing you could try is adjusting those frames to fit the shape of the chart part.
I’m not certain if this is the best solution, but I tested it on my end and using the Outline stroke seemed to work.

Once the frame fits the shape of the chart part, the hotspot on that frame might not interfere with the other parts of the chart frame.

I hope it helps. Please let me know if I misunderstood anything!

In that case, could you please share a quick video recording or screenshot of the issue? It would be great to see the full Figma screen, including the left and right panels to show the properties and layers, as well as expanding the relevant layers.
This will help us better understand the issue and see if we can replicate the same behavior.

We also appreciate any insights or suggestions from our community!