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Cannot upgrade even after getting approved for educational license by Figma

Figma sent me an email recently approving my student application so that I can upgrade to Professional.

I tried taking the steps instructed by them to upgrade my existing team. But as I reached the final step, it says “You don’t have access to do that. Contact your administrator”.

There is no administrator. It is just me.

Has anyone else faced this problem? What did you do to work around this issue?

(fwiw, tried contacting Figma couple of times. Didn’t get a response so far)


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Hi @Krish1, sorry you are having difficulty. Check out this video of me going through the upgrade process. If this does not work for you, can you provide me a bit more detail into what it is that you are seeing or the steps you are performing to upgrade your starter team to an educational team? Thanks!

Hi @miggi thank you for your video. I took the same steps. Please see the below gif to see the steps I took. It says I don’t have access to it and that I should contact my administrator. There is no administrator. It is me really. So not sure what it means by that.

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Hi @Krish1 Thanks for following up!

  1. Did you create that starter team?
  2. Is the other person on the team verified for education?
  3. Are you able to create an education team from scratch?

I am pretty sure that team was created by your collaborator. That is why you are getting that message. They would be responsible for upgrading. They will also need to be edu verified.

Hi @miggi thank you. That is possible. I don’t mind creating a new starter team. Two questions: (1) Are the instructions diff for creating a new starter team and upgrade? (2) If after I create a new team, and I invite someone who is not verified for education to collaborate with me, is that technically possible?, (3) Can I at least transfer my images from the current team I am in to this new team so I don’t have to start from scratch?

@Krish1 When you go to create a new team, you will have the option of creating an education team, it will be the third option—this will behave just like a professional team. If you wish, you can move over the documents from the previous team.