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Cannot unpublish 3rd party libraries [solved]


I have recently opened some 3rd party design systems and I do not have published them to my library.

For example “Liquid Design System”.

I see it in my recents, however it is not in my drafts.
If I go to “My Team” → Settings → Enable Libraries, I don’t see it in there.

However I see them in my libraries all the time, even though I have deleted the file from my drafts and it is nowhere to be seen in my recents.

And if I open the file (which is view only) and then click unpublish, I get that the unpublishing failed.

I have no idea why this is happening.
Any ideas how I can clear this cache/bug ?

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To remove other people’s libraries from your list, you need to open the “Share” menu of the unneeded library, find your account and select “Leave”.


Wow… that somehow solved my problem. I though it was a bug, turns out it is a feature :smiley:
But why does it have to be hidden?

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