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Cannot undo plugin actions?


I used @Gleb’s plugin, Master, to move components to another page.
However after a plugin error I can no longer use “Go to main component” function as it gives me a message that I no longer have access to the file.

I think this is a plugin error and my first intuition was to revert to a previous version using version control, and to my surprise after restoring the file the same error appears when I choose “Go to main component”.

Any ideas how can I undo the actions?

Just replied to your email but also gonna post the answer here in case anyone finds it useful in the future.

First, I’ll note that nothing (including plugins) can alter version history (unless there is a serious glitch in Figma). So if you restored a file, it should be restored no matter what modifications the plugin did to it.

Second, let’s say you “Pick target component” in File 1, then go to File 2 and “Link objects to target component”. Then you click “Go to main component” when the instance in File 1 is selected — no access. Same in File 2. When Figma says “You don’t have access to this file” — it means you don’t have access to the file which stores main components (the file is closed by the owner, you are not invited as a viewer or editor). If you can still open that file and can confirm that the components are the same as instances, this is a bug in Figma. You can only do that via plugins API. Install the Node Inspector plugin and check if “key” property is the same on main component (component → key) and on instance’s main component property (instance → mainComponent → key).

If component keys are indeed the same and you do have access to the main component file but Figma says you don’t — this is a never seen before bug in Figma, you can report it to Figma support team. But first check if simply restarting it or logging out and back in would help. If that’s not the case (if the keys are different), the file you think stores the main components is not the file that actually stores them. In this case, as I said above, you just don’t have access to the file where they are stored.

If this doesn’t help, I’ll probably need editor access to all the files in question to investigate, or we can have a call sometime next week or this weekend so I can give you more clear instructions. But in any case this sounds like more of a Figma issue than something wrong with the plugin.

Hey Gleb, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, this is indeed weird.

When you say I don’t have access you mean that it is temporarily stored somewhere outside of my ownership? I am currently the owner of the “team” and have access to everything we do.
I do not know how to proceed with the node inspector and plugins API, so let’s have a zoom meeting and see if we can sent the support team a better explanation of the problem.

If I “Go to main component” on [file-1], it gives me the red error.
If I “Go to main component” on [file-2], it throws me a 404 website.

I am not sure why I do not have permissions to that file.

The fact that you are the admin doesn’t mean you can access to all files in the team. There are private projects. Can you find the necessary library file in the team and open it? If not, you probably don’t have access to it.

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