Cannot seem to update FigJam community template cover image

Hello, I recently published a community template and was trying to update the cover image for this template since the one uploaded has got cut off from the sides. I cannot seem to find the button/option to replace this image, though. Am I missing something? Could someone please assist? Thank you!


Change the thumbnail in the file and then publish an update in the community.

@tank666 I uploaded a custom image the first time since the content in the FigJam board isn’t thumbnail size. It allowed me to upload the first time but not anymore.

  1. Create a frame of the required size in the Figma design file;
  2. Copy this frame to the clipboard;
  3. Paste it into the FigJam whiteboard file;
  4. Set it as a thumbnail;
  5. Click “Share” and open the “Publish to Community” tab;
  6. Click “Publish update…”;
  7. Check or change the file information and click “Publish”.