Cannot find previously created variables

I am working on a component that I copy and pasted from another (now deleted) figma file. In the original file, I had a set of variables with two modes. One for light, one for dark. I am now working on this component in its new location, and I can see it is using variables set to it previously, but when I click on “local variables” to change or make additional variables, nothing is there.

In the first screenshot you can see “used variables” here for the layer. In the second screenshot, you can see that no local variables are listed for this page.

In the second screenshot, you can see that no local variables are listed for this page.

I had a similar situation. I had three collections of variables, but for some reason they are now missing from “Local variables”. But all three collections are listed under variables in the layer menu on the right side. There is also colour variables listed on the right side.

I don’t know when this happened or how it happened, but I know I tried to delete one variable, which I did and it looked like that worked fine. But some time later I opened the “Local variables” and all variables was gone, gone, gone.

Hmm well sorry this happened to you as well, but I’m glad I’m not alone lol.

I wonder if there is a solution?

This happened to me too.
Exactly with copy and paste from an old figma file, but now deleted.
But i need to get rid it it but i dont know how.
Its totally confusing and not “clean” if you make a work together or handout.

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After debugging for several hours, i’ve noticed that “used variables” is some kind of cached collection in the files.

One quick hack to remove the “used variables” is to remove all old variables properties that connected to component, and remove cache folder manually from local drive Figma.

Hopefully @Figma_Support fixed this problem.


Oh wow, nice debugging. Was this for web, or the desktop app?

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