Cannot figure out alignment in autolayout components


this might be a stupid question.
I am trying to simply align elements inside an auto-layout frame to the right, center or left but the alignment menu up on the right is not there anwmore.
I was following a course and did the exact same as them.

But on my Interface, the alignment options in the upper right corner are simply missing. (I also don’t get the constraints menu anymore.)
tutorial on the right, my interface on the lefT:

I cannot wrap my head around this problem on my own. What am I missing here?
I want to align the beak to the center or for example have a button with text on the left and an icon aligned to the right. How can I do this if I don’t get the alignment options anymore or how do I get them back?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Anna, I don’t believe that you have anything actively selected in the first screenshot you shared, which is why you see a list of local document styles and not any specific controls for interacting with an object. However, once you do select that tooltip, if it has auto layout applied, you will not use the alignment controls or the constraints to position the beak. You’ll use the auto layout controls, shown in this screenshot:

It is possible I’m not understanding how that tooltip is built because I haven’t seen that YouTube tutorial, so if this doesn’t work for you I do apologize and we can try to find the right answer.

(edited to fix typos)

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