Cannot enter discord server

Hi, It’s a long time I went to Slack and saw it has migrated to Discord, when I clink on invite link I see nothing ?

@lepine_kong Is this the link you’re having trouble with? Friends of Figma

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you try to join via that link?

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Hi thanks, It was a problem which Discord who detected I changed Browser so did disconnected me.

@lepine_kong Happy to help! Just to make sure I understand - was it a Discord issue? It sounds like Discord was disconnecting you because of a browser issue, but let me know if i misunderstood.

Discord didn’t want to connect me because it wanted me to log again with identity confirmation which I didn’t see because I was using Discord Web and it did ask me so only with Desktop. That’s weird but that’s what I remember.

Gotcha! It looks like you’ve onboarded on Discord now, so I’ll go ahead and close this topic. If any other issues come up, feel free to start a new one or PM me :grinning:

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