Cannot change tabs in Firefox with Alt+Num key from Figma

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I use Firefox on Linux, and the keyboard shortcut for switching tabs is Alt+1, Alt+2, etc.

When I’m on a tab with Figma, I cannot use these shortcuts to switch to another tab.

It doesn’t seem like these keyboard shortcuts are bound to anything in Figma. So they should just fallback to the default browser shortcuts.

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I use the desktop version for Windows and alt + 1 / 2 switches between layers and assets in the left sidebar respectively, and alt + 8 / 9 / 0 switches between design, prototype and inspect in the right sidebar respectively.
If that doesn’t happen for you then that sounds like a bug that might be because you’re on linux, using firefox or a combination of the two. But Figma are AFAIK supposed to bind these key combinations so it’s not like they don’t do anything.

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