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Cannot add a new point to an existing line

Am trying do do something very simple – add a new point to an existing line.
Found some tips online, one saying to select the object, hit ‘P’ for the pen to appear, look for the little + sign next to the pen when the pen is over the line, then click to add the point to the line.

But this doesn’t work for me. The Pen icon never gets the + sign.

It’s driving me a bit crazy to waste time, so end up totally redrawing objects :frowning:

Select an object, press Enter (or double click on the object, or click the “Edit object” icon on the toolbar) to proceed to editing your object. Then as you wrote.

Thanks Tank. I am doing this… The pen just makes a point on top of the line. It’s a single floating point, unconnected to the line I would like it to be a part of.

Maybe it’s a bug. It just doesn’t make sense that it isn’t working.

Could you record a video?

Here you go:

I just made a similar shape to yours and I don’t even have to choose the pen tool, a new point appears (half transparent) half way between two existing points. And when I click, the point becomes part of the line.

Bit this isn’t the case with the shape I’m working with in my file. Seems like a bug. I did copy the original shape from another file.

An have made another new shape, but cannot add any points. The thing I have noticed is that the shapes I can’t add points to have curves.

Points add easily to straight lines, but not curves. Should it be this way?

Thanks for your help.

No, that shouldn’t be. Here’s another video:

This is what I experience

Make sure that “Snap to geometry” setting is enabled.

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That’s the solution!

I turned off all snapping earlier today, so I could move elements precisely.
Thank you :pray:

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