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Can you use the console to determine what's causing memory issues?

For large files that get the memory usage warning, is it possible to use the console (or any other means) to determine what node(s) are causing it?

The general guide is great, but it’s helpful to identify the exact cause if possible.

I don’t think there is a way. There might be plugins that help you count the number of elements in selection recursively — this way you may be able to count them and find frames which contain too many nodes. The number of nodes is a big factor contributing to the memory use.

Other than that, you can usually tell which pages are large and which ones are not. So to make the file lighter, you can move large pages to different files.

Hi @Gleb, do you know any plugin that simplifies the file to save memory? Would be nice to have a plugin that could detach all nested instances, delete all hidden elements, etc…

Detach instances is not something a plugin can do, and it won’t really help. To make the file lighter you need to reduce the number of objects, not change their type. But you can select all objects and use the default Detach all nested instances command to detach all components in selection:


There is a plugin that can delete hidden layers and remove unnecessary groups, just search for it, I don’t remember the exact name.

Oh nice! Didn’t knew there was a native ‘Detach all nested instances’. Thanks for the tip @Gleb :pray: I’ve tried similayer but it freezes all the time :sweat_smile: I’ll look for another one then :wink: Thanks!

There’s a plugin called (literally) Delete Hidden Layers :sweat_smile: