Can you "reattach" a link starting point that's been deleted?

So I have a prototype, that’s been sent out.

A week after its been sent out, that starting point has been deleted.

So now, when someone opens the link, it opens a black blank screen.

Is it possible to “re-attach” this link to another screen, that way, its at least not opening a blank black screen?

I know that you can move the actual starting point (that blue “tab”).

But can I reattach or assign a link to a blue tab/starting point or a frame? Or any way that blank screen can be forward to another screen, so that its not blank blank screen?

Hey Rodnee, thank you for reaching out. You can move a starting point to another frame. To do so, click and hold the blue starting point flag next to the current starting frame. Drag the icon to the new starting frame. This must be a top-level frame, a frame that isn’t nested within another layer or frame.
Let me know if this helps.

Thank you for your response.

But as I mention above, that starting point has been deleted. So the starting point that was sent out now leads to a blank screen. Its not “moved”, its deleted.

So I’m trying to reattach that link to a starting point that’s already been sent out to a screen or frame, so that its not an empty black screen.

I’ve tried to reproduce this and it looks like you can not connect the link you’ve already send to a frame which has been deleted. Even after adding a new frame and a new flow point.