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Can you cut the "upper pixels" of the text element?

Hi, I was curious about this thing: is it possible to “cut” the upper pixels of the text element? I know for a fact that you can cut the bottom ones setting “Fixed size” on the element properties.

is it possible to remove these pixels too (red rectangle)?

Thank you!

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The only way to do this at the moment would be to convert the text to outlines.

Hi Josh, thanks for the reply
I also thought that outlining the text box could be a solution to this little thing, even though it’s a bit inconvenient and not “designer-friendly”.

I also found this thread (Discourse didn’t suggest it as similar to my thread) that treats almost the same thing. I think Gleb is right… the pixels in excess exist in CSS too.

However, removing all exceeding pixels could help in cases like this:

where you need to manually count the upper pixels of the text box to have 20 pixels padding on each side. In my case, to match the 20px padding on the left, I had to put my text box 14px down, because it had 6 exceeding pixels.

I know, I know that this is perfectionist obsessions :joy:, and I’m not really expecting an update in the near future to implement this.

This was all, thanks and have a great day!

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