Can’t delete anything in Figma from iPad?

hi! i started to work from my ipad without a keyboard only with a mouse. how can i delete anything from my work space. have this question cause figma doesn’t have this option without keyboard :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hi, also wondering how we can delete figjam boards in figma app in iPad.

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Hi all,
I can confirm that you can’t delete files on the iPad Mobile App. You’ll need to login to your account on your computer to delete your files. Hope it helps!

(Additional info on the Figma mobile app here: )

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Hi I want to delete some steps after create some works but I can not delete them there is no bottom/section or I couldn’t find it because I use only ipad without use mouse and keyboard. For example I create circle and then how I can delete them without use back bottom on top of it ?

Hi wanted to help with some advice to this question. So I was using an i pad air and I had a keyboard attachment which allowed me to design on figma. But my ipad air had a major break and had to replace it with an iPad, and my keyboard and pencil for my air isn’t compatible with my ipad. That said not having a keyboard is a major pain point. Instead of delet I’m using undo in the top left corner were edit is under the figma label for files and documents.