Can properties of parent component be passed to children?

I was using nested components for a while. At times, I get the requirement like I have a property in the parent component, such as a text, which should also come in the child component. This can be possible in Figma? I tried to do that, but no use. If you want to do this, you will be replicating the child component in the main component which is very much redundant.

Let me know if any idea pops up for this.

Does right click “Reset all changes” in child work?

No. What I’m trying to do is to pass a value from parent component into the child component instance.

You can do the change in child and push it to the parent.

For text you better use this:

I have a parent component which has properties like title and value. Inside this component there is an instance of other component which has the same property title. So what I’m asking is whether the child instance can access the parent property or can the data be passed to the instance inside component.

No, it can’t. Your only choice is to double the property (nested for the child element, like shown above), or to not use a nested instance in your parent and apply the same property to both texts.

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