Can not select properties value


I saw the new updates in Figma today and am facing the challenges of selecting the properties in variants. After creating the property, I am not able to select the value on each components. I am not sure if it is a bug or I am not familiar with or figuring out with new updates.

Hi! It looks like component variants are not supported for the Instance Swap property. (I spent hours today figuring this out. The documentation does not state this, or at least not in any way that I could understand.) This is such a bummer.

Instead, it sounds like you are supposed to take normal components (say, several icon components) and group them in a regular frame or auto-layout, rather than creating variants out of them. That’s how Figma’s ‘Components Properties Playground’ file does, anyhow:

Hi Sandy4,

Try create with Create multiple component,
and name component like:

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