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Can not rename component right after creation

I’m using the web version of Figma and there is this bug that has been bothering me for a long time. Simply put: it’s not possible to rename a component right after creating it.

Here is how to reproduce the bug on Mac:

  • Create a Text layer with some content
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘K to turn that Text layer into a Component
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘R to rename the Component → this does not work
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘Ra second time to actually rename the Component

For some reason, the first attempt at renaming the Component (using the keyboard shortcut) never works. If I select another layer, and then select the newly-created Component again, the keyboard shortcut actually works. But the first attempt always fails.

Does that only happen to me?

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I just looked at recreating this myself and I could only make it happen if I didn’t lift my finger off the key. Is this what you’re experiencing? I think this is a bug, it’s worth emailing

Great catch! You’re right, I didn’t realise I wasn’t actually lifting my finger. It’s probably due to how Figma is listening to modifier keys.

I think it’s a bug because other programs can handle a sequence of commands that include modifier keys. For example, in Sublime Text, you can create a new file with ⌘N and open the Command Palette with ⇧⌘P without lifting your finger from the key.

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