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Can not accept library updates in one file

One of our designers brought it to my attention that they could not drop a component from the library into their file. They were getting an error message. I attached a screen shot of that.

Upon looking in the file i noticed there was a Design System update for that component, i went to click the update and after a few trys the update all button but nothing worked. The buttons would go from black outline to blue outline but never do anything. Even after sitting for a bit on the page.

Looking into the console i see there are 2 errors popping up.
Uncaught Error: “failed to clone symbol when subscribing” in operator() (FGSharedSymbol2.cpp)

Uncaught Error: “Updated symbols doesn’t contain requested subscribed symbol.” in updateSymbolFromScene (FGSharedSymbol2.cpp)

Anyone know a fix for this? Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 10.57.58 AM