Can my client in free plan see the CSS in my design?

I’m building landing page for my client.With dev-mode gone in free-plan, what will my client see when I send him the link? Will he still be able to inspect the CSS? If not, what do they see? Just the visual representation of the design and the prototype but they won’t be able to see the color code and other CSS? I’m in Pro Plan, btw.

To my knowledge, they need to upgrade to Pro Plan to view the CSS, don’t they? Please enlightened me. If it does, it’s not logical to force them to upgrade to Pro Plan just to see the code for a one-time project for their websites.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Michael_Ali
Here is a comparison, inspecting the same simple button, between :

  • a guest, with a free plan, on the left
  • Dev mode on the right

If you want a more in depth looking I suggest you create a temporary account and invite this account to you file, then you’ll be able to see your file through the free plan spectrum.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it. In professional setting, will it still be acceptable for my clients to receive the final deliverable (free plan, without Dev-mode features)? What is the problems or challenges a web developer may find when he/she receive the file and view it in a free plan? I’m not a programmer and I have a basic, little knowledge in CSS and HTML; and based on what I see in your example, the free plan will still allow a developer to build the website without a problem since he/she can view the width, height,radius,padding, color, etc. , won’t they?

I think it’s up to me, as long as I make the documentation and design system clear, everything will be ok, hopefully

Thanks again!


It can be done and for some it might not be a problem, from my point of view, it really depends on the developer(s), on how comfortable they are with HTML/CSS and Figma’s language. You might have to specify behaviors to them from time to time as some information might be missing on the Properties panel.

As a hobbyist developer I’d say it’s doable without Dev mode, but it might be more painful.
Disclaimer: my judgment is biased as I’m a designer and I can easily understand how a Figma design was made of, based on the tree-view.

Information: Hard to find

Some information are harder to find about than other. For example within Dev mode : padding, gap, distance, … are visible simply upon hovering them, while within free plan you’ll have to click on an element then hover its neighbors, while pressing alt key, to get the distance between them).

Information: Undisclosed

And as shown on my previous screenshot there are some information you just won’t be able to get. Depending on the experience of the developer(s) toward HTML/CSS and Figma you might need to produce some documentation so they get the expected behaviors of your designs, since Figma has its own language that doesn’t always reflect on CSS.

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you can try this plugin or or similar ones

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Thank you!