Can I use a Figma in a LAN environment?

I asked if Figma could be used offline last time, and I got an answer to that.

But I’d like to ask you an additional question about that.

  1. Can’t I use the Figma desktop app in a LAN environment, so a local network environment? I mean, in an environment that’s not online.

  2. The official document describes ’ Available offline’ behavior, what is this offline status? Are you talking about an unpredictable emergency like losing the internet while using it online?

Hi @lucia_kim1

Figma isn’t suited for offline use as it is build around live collaborating values and its library system required a connection to internet

  1. As long as you don’t intend to use an external library (which are stored on Figma’ server) you will be able to work with a local copy only (or file that has already been open while having being connected to internet)

  2. It’s more like that. This allow you to continue working, but until your computer regain a connection, if you close the window, all your changes will be discarded.

Every single file you work on, using Figma, are stored on Figma’s servers. You are still able to download a copy of your work if you want to work locally ( Figma button menu > File > Save local copy ) but design library, and such, won’t be available as they are synced on Figma’s servers.

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