Can I set pixel pitch in Figma

I am designing a small monochrome (White on black) interface for a client.
The display that they are using has some specifications including Pixel Pitch or PPI.
The screen is 64x48 pixels, but it also says that the pixel pitch (mm) is 0.21x0.21 (121 PPI).

I have read about the pixel pitch and as I have understood, it is the distance between the centers of two pixels and determines the density of pixels.

I wonder if it is something I need to calculate in the design, and if yes, how can I figure it out in Figma or even adjust it?

I attach the link to the page of the display where you can see the table of the display spec.

Thank you for your answers.

When I’ve worked on embedded device design in Figma, I almost always work at Figma scale (72 ppi) and export any assets/screens at 1x out of Figma, then rescale them (in your case, it appears to be about 59.5% smaller assets) outside of Figma, using another tool, if you need to ever match the physical scale.

That said, unless you need to deliver screens that match the physical size of the display, you can just share the frames at 72 ppi and the developers will know what to do with those.

This is the cleanest technique if you don’t want to deal with decimal points in your design. Hope this helps!