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Can I publish only within my organization?


I currently hold a lead position and I am moving to a next adventure. I want to leave my team files clean for the next person and wonder if Figma Community Page fits that use case.

I run a team inside an Organization account and realize this team can have its own handle.

I went to visit that handle page and it’s empty, saying I haven’t published anything to the community.

It would be nice if I could publish my projects in an organized way, but have them shared only within my organization instead of the universe at large.

Can I do that?


No, Community is made for publishing things publicly, not within the Org. To keep things organized, you can create a project in your team or team in the Org and put your files there.

Ok thanks! I wonder if this is a meaningful feature request? In the enterprise context it could be great to use handle pages as a destination for sharing files and have an URL that takes you there and foster internal communities when, for example, a corporation has multiple internal brands?

But the current way files can be organized and pinned is already enough to provide a self-explanatory way of where the stuff is.

I wonder if this is a meaningful feature request?

If it makes sense to you, why not? But maybe you just want some kind of better way to organize things? Even if there was an internal community in the Org, it sounds like a very clunky solution: you’ll have to go to each file and hit publish manually. What if you just were able to write tags and descriptions on files? Or maybe you are looking for the other solution? It’s not entirely clear to me why you want to “publish” files so I am just guessing.

I agree, the hit publish manually is clunky.

On a team level, everybody needs to see all files and projects and I found some reasoning for grouping them according to how we work. I pin the most important or most popular projects in terms of usage. I’m fine with that organization.

For the handle page, I envisioned something like “our best work” or “things that people in other brands tend to need or recurringly ask for”. This way the handle page is more a vitrine that doesn’t give people away from the team the full list of projects.

What do you think?

I envisioned that the handle page could allow for published projects to be grouped, with headings like the ones currently in use at the Community Search page:

Notes on a couple screenshots:

This is turning into a feature suggestion so I’d recommend you to open a topic in the #product-feedback category. Also I’d like to hear what’s different in this solution from simply having a team, adding links to the description, then adding some pinned files to projects? Maybe there are some other ways this could be solved which are not like Figma Community? (The section that you mentioned in the second image cannot be created by regular users by the way.) I guess the main difference is that it all will be visible to the whole organization instead of just people on your team?