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Can I paste an image so it becomes the frame without using a plugin?

I am following this tutorial to make a masonry grid (Create a Masonry Grid with Auto Layout - Figma Crash Course - YouTube) and I have a couple of questions. Thank you in advance !

Question One

On the video, the guy uses the unsplash plugin to populate the frames (timestamp 4:23) however
If I copy and paste individual images into a frame I can’t figure out how to make the image become the frame so if I adjust the component, all the images update with the same change, e.g linear fill.

Question Two

Within the masonry grid, he adjusts the size of the images (timestamp 8:28) and then adds an auto-layout to each column. When he adjusts this to fill container to allow the whole grid to become responsive (timestamp 10:56), his images retain the adjusted shapes, but mine revert back to a grid formation.

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