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Can I (or will I be able to in a near future) properly import a Sketch library or Design system?

When I say properly I mean all sketch styles recognized and attributed to their original elements.
When I import a sketch document in Figma I can see that (some) color styles are imported and recognized as styles, but detached from their elements. Why and why do I only see color styles (and not text styles, or opacities styles or any other style) ?
I thought of a plugin or function to import Json styles exported from sketch but found nothing.

Thanks in advance for an answer, at least a little hope, and a good day to everybody here

The issue here is in the difference between how Sketch and Figma define things like styles, components/symbols, etc.

Your symbols should be properly imported over into components. Styles though won’t import and you’ll have to recreate those in Figma. There are some plugins though that can help in batch creating styles.

Not sure if you’ve seen our help article on this but if not this goes through what’s support and what’s not:

thanks for the answer @Josh
That’s what I’ve understood, and of course I’ve seen the help article “import files from sketch”, but when I read that “Any Styles you have been using in Sketch will need to be created as Styles in Figma.”, I found strange seeing that some styles (color styles for exemple) have been imported and behave as Figma styles, but detached from their original object. This gave me a little hope : if Figma can translate a Sketch color style in a Figma color style, why not all other styles and why not keeping their links to objects ?