Can I link to a Figma frame in confluence so that it automatically updates?

Hi all,

I’d like to display a frame in Confluence (currently I’m copying as a png then pasting into confluence) but it would be great if this were a link to the real frame that would update when I make changes.

Note: I want this to show as an image not a link.

Can I do this? :slight_smile:


Right-Click on the Frame/Component you want to share. Copy → Copy Link

Paste into confluence. Done.

Works for us.

Confluence users will be asked to log into Figma though, which works on Chrome for us right now.

Ah right - almost great but asking people to sign into Figma seems a bit of an issue. I’ll experiment with that thanks!

Yeah so this is close, but I need it to work without signing in. Any ideas?

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