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Can I change a type or color group via naming rather than dragging?

Hey, I’ve got a two-parter / interrelated question here. First, by means of simplified scenario:

  • I have two font groups, one called HEADER and one called BODY, and in each one I have a couple styles.
  • I want to move one of the styles, named BODY / PRIMARY, to the HEADER style group.
  • Question: is the only way to do that by dragging the style from one group to the other in the style list, or is it possible to do that via renaming? From what I can tell, there doesn’t appear to be a way to rename a specific style’s prefix?

Second part of my question:
Our engineering team created some scripts that extract the style names and values in Figma and use those as tokens in their codebase. For the scripts to work, they require very specific naming conventions for styles and we use something that looks like “Body/1”. Unfortunately, it looks like a designer used “Body / 1” (with spaces) when naming a style instead of “Body/1”, and now the script won’t work because it doesn’t like the spaces. In the Inspect view the style appears with spaces, but in the Design view the style appears with no spaces. Because I can’t figure out how to edit the style group name via text (per the question above), I can’t add the spaces in the name to get our script to work again.
Anyone have any creative workaround ideas on how I can fix this dilemma? Is this related to a Figma “feature” introduced recently that I hadn’t noticed?

  1. It’s not possible, vote for this suggestion: Display full style name when editing

  2. You can’t add spaces anymore, you will need to change the script.