Can duplicated design system libraries receive updates

Learning Figma and have a question about libraries. I have created a design system where I have a components and tokens file. For each new client I have, I complete the following steps:

  1. Duplicate my master design system library files in a new client project
  2. Customize my new tokens file to match client branding and publish file as a library
  3. Swap out original linked token library in my new client components file to the library I created in step 2.

If done this way, will the duplicated file still be able to receive component updates if any are made to the master components file (minus any local overrides)?

I have tried to mimic this situation but unsure if I am missing some steps, or if it is the best way to set this up where I have one design system that needs to be re-themed for each client, but also able to receive any updates to the master design system files.

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