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Can a "Navigate to" interaction trigger automatically after a "Close overlay" interaction?

I’m prototyping a mobile app, and trying to animate this operation: On one page (which is not the homepage), when you go to share an item, it opens an overlay menu (which fills the bottom half the screen, the background greyed out), you then navigate through a few “Swap overlays”, and at the end you click a button at the bottom of the overlay that reads “Share to feed”. When that button is tapped, I want the overlay to close (easy enough) and then—here is where I’m stumped—I would like to automatically (immediately or after a brief delay) navigate to the homepage where the shared post can now appear in the “feed”.

Now, I know how to close the overlay, and I know how to navigate to the homepage, but I can’t get the two interactions to play back-to-back after a single tap. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Is it possible?

Instead of overlays, you could duplicate the page so that all prototype interactions use the “navigate to” with “smart animate”, instead of using the overlay interaction.

This way, when you are done with the flow, you direct the user to a copy of the home page that automatically redirects to another frame after a delay.

Here’s an example

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Wow, thanks for throwing that together. Alright, I have managed to achieve something similar in my prototype. The whole thing is starting to feel like it’s stuck together with duct tape … but it works! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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