Can a file be edited by an account from another team without charging the owner team?

Clarity would be nice - I feel the same. @figma. What’s the word? Ignore and sit on the yacht?

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Slack has an approach that can work for Figma assuming that comments in this thread makes it somehow in front of decision makers at Figma, most likely not…

Anyhow, Slack uses Organization channels, used be called Slack Bridge Channels or so. The whole point of it, is that two paying orgs e.g: client paid accounts and vendor paying accounts to collaborate, share files, comment, etc while each is paying for their own users.

It’s a shame that all these cool collab features in Figma end up not being so useful with Figma’s current setup. Hopefully this messages lands itself somewhere. Again, I doubt it especially when you put profits ahead of what your community of users actually asking for.


Well said. I echo this sentiment.

Figma is great and all… but not that great.

The market will ultimately decide–Figma isn’t the only option out there.


here to voice my support for this! as a consultant, we are often working with designers from our internal team as well as their designers. free account with 2 editors won’t work in that case. our client already has a paid full seat in their organization, so i don’t understand why we have to pay again within our organization.


This is indeed a super dark pattern. We have a single designer using Figma and an external agency with multiple designers, also using Figma (paid accounts). Every few months a new designer from the agency would hop on, old one hop off, which meant that the amount of seats on our end grew, even though only one external designer was working on it. So with only two people working, our bill got to be >150 USD per month.

The bare minimum that needs to be fixed is that a clear warning is shown that your bill will increase when giving edit access -and- that only the billing contact can increase seats.


This is incredibly annoying. We are a development agency and we work with several designers. Although we own (=pay) professional accounts for all our team members, every client is charged for each of our team members once again.


THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. An absolute rort. Should we all just leave Figma and move back to sketch?

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Same problem here. Paying for 2 seats on my end but some of our clients also have their own paid seats. One side always has to pay double to grant the other access.

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Yeah, I think a paid Figma user (professional) should be able to add at least one temporary editor per file. That would increase harmony across small scale single dev/design partnerships and relationships across the Figma globe and not make the revenue model totally redundant for Figma in larger team situations.

This is madness. My company has an enterprise account (75€/m and seat) and a external agency also has one. To work on the same file, we will have to pay another 75€/m seat for each agency member, even though they are already paying. This is madness and prevents us from working together. Bad business practice and at the end less collaboration and with that less need for Figma.


This won’t end until people start “voting” with their wallets. By now, most of my colleagues are addicted to Figma, including me… Maybe it’s time to look for…?

Penpot is gaining traction. Maybe it will be a good alternative in the future.

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This is a major issue that needs addressing. As people before have suggested, implement a mechanism something like Slack Connect, otherwise you’ll lose the users that heled your company grow.

Hi guys, let me get this straight: I work for a software company and we have 5 full licenses for Figma.
I am not the account administrator, so I don’t have access to the billing information (or other super admin info), but I do have full designer-dev-FigJam access.
When i share a file with another account, for example a collegue that doesen’t have a paid account, and i need some edit permission this account became autoimatically a paid account? Without any kind of approval from admin account?

Yeap for sure!

This issue seems unlikely to change, but it is forcing us to search for an alternative product.

Figma is useful primarily because it promises collaborative workspaces. Unfortunately, collaboration is only built for collaborating within a single team. Clearly, Figma is betting the farm on the enterprise (intra-organizational collaboration). But Figma is killing the ability for companies to work with agencies (the ability to collaborate across organizations).

Why does Figma punish the agency/client model? For agencies and companies hiring agencies, this pricing model is a disincentive to work together in Figma – why would an agency have to pay for a license for each new collaborator at each new client they bring on? Why would a company have to pay for a license for each new creative at each agency they work with?

A Figma license should act like a license – meaning “I can use this tool to share and collaborate with other people who use this tool.”


This is very frustrating and we are looking not only to move all of our files away from Figma as it completely disrupts our ability to work with our clients and other designers and developers we are also going to start promoting using the open source incredibly brilliant application Penpot. 2.0 just came out and it’s worth taking a look at if your stuck and locked into Figma dirty game. Penpot 2.0 release is out now! CSS Grid Layout, Components and a new UI

I’m also going to do some research into the legal ramifications Figmas ability to do what they are doing here. And will post back as soon as I find out more.

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@figma I’m chiming in to state that if you have a Figma Pro account, you should be able to access files shared by other Figma Pro account holders at no additional cost.

I cannot believe this still hasn’t been addressed. It’s an outrageous way to operate, milking paying customers. As someone rightly mentions, how can this be legal? Automatically charging an account twice with no warning.

This issue is becoming more and more frustrating. Might have to look into XD or dust off Sketch.