Button states done right

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make a button component with hover state variation, the regular state fill is a color style. now on hover state I want to make it 10% brighter but Figma not allowing me to add more fill layers when you have color style.
Applying different color style is not an option as I want to keep the connection between the original color style.

Please help me solve this puzzle :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,


You have several options, but I’m afraid none of them solves this issue well. You can vote for this proposal: Use styles in other styles. Options:

  1. Create a new style. I think this is the best solution for now, you just need to keep in mind to update both styles.
  2. Don’t use styles, use regular fills. Drawbacks are obvious and big.
  3. Create a background overlay rectangle. Not compatible with auto layout so not great for a button unless you are resizing it manually anyway.

Thank you Gleb, hope Figma will solve it soon…

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