Button is overlapping top bar

So, I’m trying to make a website. I have a scrollable frame. Inside the fixed part I have my top bar, and in the scroll part I have some text and a button.
I have a hover state for my button which is an overlay frame and it’s just a darker version of the button.

However, if I hover the button while it’s behind the top bar, the overlay appears on top of the top bar, and I don’t want that.


How do I fix this? Thanks.

Don’t use an overlay to simulate a state change. Use interactive components. And this is not a bug, let alone a FigJam bug, because your work is not related to this product.

My apologies, I’m new to Figma, didn’t really know where to post that, even though
I never mentioned it as a bug, mine was just a question.

Anyways, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll look into interactive components. Appreciate the help!

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