Bulk batch automator 100 images?

Hi, I need to somehow do a task easier, I have a image that I need to create 100 variants of and they need to have different opacity starting from 0 and increment up by 1 % until I get to 101 and each image created need to be having a name that increments , name example
Image 1
Image 2

I need to find a way to do this because I will have to do this to over 50 images,

Any ideas.

Hi @Christian_Nielsen, Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ve been searching for a way to assist you, but haven’t come across a perfect fit yet.

However, I fond a couple of plugins in our community that, while they may not fully meet your needs, could be useful in terms of managing opacity and variants. Here are the links for you to explore:

Feel free to explore on your own: https://www.figma.com/community/

If anyone in our community has suggestions or tips to help streamline this workflow, please feel free to share them here.

Thanks again for getting touch!

Hi, Thanks for reaching out! Yes, its a very hard issue to fix, I have looked on your choice of plugins and they will help me in the future but having hard time ti figure out how to utilize them for this type of issue, I will try more, thanks for your answer.

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