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Build interactions between variants from WITHIN component sets

In order to build simple component animations between component states (like swapping to a hover state variant on hover) in Figma, one must create a separate animation for every instance of the component in the prototype. This is laborious, time consuming and difficult to update.

It would be great if we could define the interaction from WITHIN THE COMPONENT SET so that the interaction is built into the component wherever it’s used and updates to interactions at the component set level propagate through all instances of the component.

For example, imagine a component set for a button includes two variants, base and hover. From within the component set, the user selects the base variant then creates an interaction that swaps the base variant for the hover variant on hover. Now whenever the button component’s base variant is used in the design, the hover interaction is automatically included.

Other tools like Adobe XD have already implemented this feature and it greatly reduces the number of screens necessary in a prototype and makes it much easier to manage interactions within components.

This is exactly what interactive components allow you to do.

Wow, ask and you shall receive. Thanks Gleb!